Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Lower Body

State of the art anatomy and nerve graphics will allow manual therapists to look inside the human body. The Weber-Barstow Maneuver and Supine to Sits Test will evaluate for functional versus anatomical leg length discrepancies. Pelvic stabilization will use positional release, muscle energy techniques, and muscle balancing protocols to address sacral torsion patterns, iliosacral upslips, joint capsular patterns, femoral nerve compression, and normal muscle firing patterns. Therapists will level the sacral base and release the Sacrotuberous ligament for sciatic nerve pain. The Straight Leg Test and Braggard's Test will identify L5/ SI bulges or herniated discs. The Slump Test will identify hamstring strains or adductor strains that scar down the Sciatic Nerve. Tibial Torsions and Fixated Fibular Head Conditions will be corrected, by releasing the biceps femoris muscle, to address the Tibial and Fibular Nerve Entrapments. Manual therapists will also evaluate and release Tarsal Tunnel and Morton's Neuroma. Home care retraining will include nerve glides and nerve tensioning protocols. Pre-recorded Zoom Class.

 Enjoy, James Waslaski

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Example Curriculum
  Zoom Recorded: Kinetic Chain Patterns for Complicated Lower Body Conditions
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