Integrated Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain, Hip and Sciatica

This unique presentation will address the clinical approach to assessing, treating, and rehabilitating the lumbar spine, hip, and pelvis. Specific conditions addressed will be low back pain, S.I. joint dysfunction, sacral torsions, lumbar compression, spinal stenosis, bulging disc pain, and ruptured discs. We will also address hip pain, hip capsule problems, hip replacements, sciatica, and compensatory knee pain. Revolutionary post-surgical rehabilitation for hip replacements will be addressed based on James's personal experience. Primary modalities utilized will be functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, posturology, multidirectional friction, eccentric scar tissue alignment, and corrective stretching and strengthening protocols. This unique multi-disciplinary approach to deep tissue release for structural alignment will be completely pain-free. It will allow for immediate and permanent results, even in the most complicated pain conditions. James will incorporate dazzling 3-D functional anatomy and human dissection models to support his multi-disciplinary approach for assessment, treatment, and specific self-care of each condition. Pre-recorded Zoom Edition 2021.

Enjoy, James Waslaski

NCBTMB Provider #049978-0

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  Integrated Manual Therapy for Lower Back Pain, Hip, and Sciatica
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