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Explore classes from these industry leaders

Diane Matkowski
Allison Denney
Til Luchau
Whitney Lowe
Judith Aston
Paul Kelly
Erik Dalton
Tom Myers
James Waslaski
Aubrey Gowing
Alison Kanavagh
Nathalie Cecilia
Rob Libby
Benny Vaughn

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About The Massage Mentor Institute: Humble beginnings ...

In 2019, Diane Matkowski, aka The Massage Mentor and Founder of The Massage Mentor Institute, began a closed Facebook page for hosting discussions with industry leaders, The Massage Mentor Closed Group. It was there that she met Allison Denney, aka The Rebel Massage Therapist, and their journey began.

Now together, The Mentor and The Rebel are spreading their joy and contagious energy all across the massage industry through The Massage Mentor Institute.

The goal was to create a diverse variety of continuing education classes offered in one spot. The Institute is a space for practicing massage therapists to learn different approaches and varying philosophies on what works for bodywork. Not only that, you will find business classes and mentoring to further guide you on your journey.

We hope you find exactly what you need at the Massage Mentor Institute in your quest for success. We believe that no one technique works for the entire human being. Like the clients we see, the work itself is infinite and constantly changing. Our goal is to help you find your path and that the field of massage therapy is lifted as a result. We have selected teachers we trust, admire, and believe will help you grow as a licensed massage therapist.

Diane Matkowski

Creator of The Massage Mentor Institute, Jam Series Events, and the Inside Job Event Series

Allison Denney

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