I believe that injury resolution and effective management of conditions are best accomplished through innovative, precise, evidence informed techniques and patient education.

I have a passion for advancing our education, encouraging innovation in our manual skills and inspiring our profession to achieve a greater vision and sense of purpose. The idea of an educational course focusing on the effective treatment of ligaments and structural alignment has been a focus of mine.

I’ve always felt that I was destined to create a life where I could be of service to those suffering from serious and debilitating injuries. It took me over a decade of research, practice, sweat and ingenuity to conceive of a treatment system that provided fast and effective results. It took another ½ decade to put it on paper and to begin instructing other manual therapists.

I had an opportunity to create a whole new course. A course that provided the manual therapist with an experience that inspires them to see from a new perspective. To helping their patients achieve a new level of improved quality of life, a sense of new possibilities, where their patients could sense the possibility to start over again, to create or return to the life they had always wanted.

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