"After 50 years of studying, practicing and teaching at Esalen® Institute, I would like to reach out to the broader Massge Community and share whatever wisdom I have found with others. There can be many challenges in this sacred work we have chosen and I offer compassionate listening and gentle guidance in helping meet those challenges. Some of the issues I address are burnout, staying fit in body, mind and spirit, boundaries and power differential, business wisdom and presence. I offer tools for self inquiry, embodiment and presence, all of which will help keep the work alive, engaging and fulfilling. I look forward to working with you on these or other challenges you may have in the moment. My belief is that if you have chosen this work, you have a gift to give. Let’s find it and discover ways to nurture it."

– Peggy Horan

More about Peggy Horan

Massage practitioner Esalen Institute, 1970-Present

Esalen Institute

  • Massage practitioner, 1970-Present
  • Massage Instructor, 1971-Present
  • Faculty, 1986-Present  

Courses include:  

  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Esalen Massage
  • 100 Certification Training in Esalen Massage
  • 250 Hour Certification Training in Esalen Massage

Administration and Other professional Experience       

  • Co producer, Esalen Massage video, 1996
  • Author, “Connecting Through Touch”, 2006
  • Midwife, Big Sur, 1980-1995
  • Childbirth Educator, Gazebo School, Esalen Institute
  • Owner Big Sur Garden Gallery 2006-2013
  • Owner Big Sur Mountain Retreat 2008-Present


  • BS Degree, Columbia University, 1962      


  • Massage training, Esalen Institute 1969-Present
  • Sensory awareness training, Esalen Institute
  • Gestalt awareness practice, Esalen Institute
  • 5 Rhythms movement practice, Esalen Institute
  • Middle Eastern Dance, Esalen Institute
  • African Dance, Esalen Institute
  • Tai Chi, Esalen Institute
  • Yoga, Esalen Institute
  • Vipasana Meditation, Esalen Institute, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico
  • Deep Bodywork, Esalen Institute
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach

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